because it’s a bitter, bitter competition between us

Things My Husband Is Right About:

1. Laundry technique
2. Roughhousing with kids (he does this daily)
3. Recycling
4. Recreational drugs (he’s never done them)
5. Money (ask him about his new Financial Panthering Plans!)
6. Physical affection
7. Assembling enchiladas and / or cabbage rolls
8. Real estate
9. Breakfast
10. Spy / caper film plots

Things I’m Right About:

1. Just about everything else, specifically including proper personal hygiene, bathroom maintenance, child discipline, apologizing in a prompt and genuine manner, taking care of material possessions, cleaning out the fridge, buying gifts, changing sheets, keeping in touch with friends, throwing out clothes with holes in them, punctuality, closet organization, any kind of organization, milk.

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