because it makes up for so many days slaving in the kitchen

I know all of you reading here agree I’m a great mother. Here are some things someone could buy me that would really let me know you think so. In relative order of desire:

1. Sofft Calypso, black (not suede) or brownwood, size 8 and W (D) Width.

2. Escential Honey Almond Scrub Mask

3. Down Low Glow (Ice Blue or Plush Red) for me bike

4. Houndstooth from Denver Fabrics. Or here. Or this one. OMG this one is nice.

5. An old (preferrably working) typewriter

6. These amazing earrings.

7. Sewing labels: Style #2; first line “HANDMADE BY” second line “Kelly Hogaboom”, cream background with brown lettering, drawing “D”.

I almost didn’t get away from zappos today (Fluevog = porn).

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