handcrafted with a dash of love and sleep deprivation

This morning finds me making soothing sounds to and careful motions around my LAZR printer in hopes it will do as it’s told and print my little zine out without eating a lot of paper or making me cry with it’s weird paper handling voodoo. I’m eking out copies at this point, but at least it’s working.

Today I got up about two hours earlier than I usually do, at 6 AM (OK – I slept in a bit, it was more like 6:20 AM) to start making foccacia for my daughter’s kindergarten class in our Thursday morning ritual. OK, yes, it’s kind of a grownup recipe for little kids. But honestly, I had no groceries in the house except my breadmaking staples, some lovely roma tomatoes, and garlic. The best part will be when one little one pipes up about their hatred / fear of tomatoes (the ones I sharpened and re-sharpened my knife for and cut so carefully) and the whole class catches the bug and also start vehemently professing violent tomato antipathy. I mean those children are used to me and my food – they trust and eat whatever I make – but wee picky eaters are a contagious lot.

Tonight: helping a friend sew, crashing out early to a bad movie.

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