i picture a lot of the use of the "Scarlet" crayon

This morning at nine AM we dropped Sophie off at the countywide Young Authors Conference. On her shirt she sported a name tag and group designation, in her hand she clutched the book we finished today, “A Lost Mermaid.” You know your child is happy and proud of their work when, looking it over, they are smiling with their mouth open.

Sophie and I worked together to write her stories, and “Mermaid” was the one she chose to commit to binding and illustrating. But this one was my personal favorite:

Some lions just hide in bushes until the zebras come close. Then the lions jump out and eat the zebras’ meat.

Sometimes lions dress up as sebras and they play wiht them… then they take their makeup off and attack the zebras.

Some lions fly planes in close to catch the zebras.

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