i just know my readership will plummet with this mushy little mini-address

My husband returned home this afternoon and has decided to stay. He tells me he won’t leave again. It would mean the most to me out of anything, ever, if he doesn’t ever go again.

I rarely use this journal to address people directly, but the most sincere gratitude is in order to every single person who emailed or called or IM’d or even those who read (or will read) and said, “Yikes!” and felt the slightest bit of sympathy, worry, or empathy. Even an email that says something along the lines of, “I don’t know what to say, but I read what you wrote” is more appreciated than the email’s author might realize. I owe God and the universe the most sincere thank you for all of you; and trust that I am delivering these thanks over the next few days.

For the few individuals who were upset reading the nitty gritty of my last day or so, I can only say I’m sorry for this. I would hate for my journal here to be the source of suffering or upset but the fact is, I know it was for some. I hope you realize by sharing I am trying to honor my readers with my life, warts and all, as much as I can do so with integrity towards myself and my family.

The children and I had a butterfly date with friends. Photos to follow; hopefully. The weather cleared and even warmed a bit. My friend Jasmine bought me the most fun little succulent plant; she bought herself an even more awesome one which needs a name. I also got some sort of purple-leaved beauty for indoor / outdoor life with us. $2.70 for a little slice of living, breathing beauty.

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