poor, poor, pitiful me

Well, according to Ralph a few minutes ago he’s left me. He packed a bunch of stuff in our van and left. He said he was going to get rental storage and that it “wasn’t working out.” I’ll bet you, dear reader, are surprised / impressed / disgusted I would write this! Did this come out of nowhere for us? Well, yes and no. He’s threatened / told me before that it wasn’t working out for him. I thought we were doing a lot better. I still love him very much. P.S. by writing this you can all know that I’m a failure, or you can decide it at least, and no offense but you know nothing about the two of us and aren’t going to get a bunch of dishy details now or ever.

I told him I didn’t want him to go, that I wanted him to come back to the home and that I wanted us to meet with our counselor as soon as we could. I don’t believe we have to split. I don’t want to.

Regardless to say well – no one reading this can understand how I feel right now. It’s the smallest comfort ever but I’d feel slightly better right now knowing that out in the universe people at least understand I’m suffering, even if there’s no way I’d really divulge much more detail, even if there’s no way whatsoever they could help. I am feeling so absolutely bottom of the barrel I could really just use being “witnessed” – it would help a lot.

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