"an anthropomorphized dancing onion on his arse" *

I’d been wanting to take an embroidery class for a couple years now, and last night I sat in on my first session. Brazilian embroidery, actually – it was the only class available. (My girlfriend Abbi – an avid embroidery artist – called today and she and I had a giggle over this concept since our experience of “Brazilian” when used as an adjective includes mostly vain cosmetic pursuits). I was a good three decades younger than the next-youngest class member. So as sometimes happens these wise (and wizened) ladies clearly thought I couldn’t hold my own with hoop and needle. Of course, I rocked that bitch, now for my efforts enjoying a square of fabric embellished with a pack of froofy flowers (ideas, anyone?). I also got a great recipe for bacon broccoli raisin salad and talked about the thermostat a lot (just kidding about all that, I’m feeling like a jerk).

Next project: PANDA WATCH! On Sophie’s backpack.

* for you, Jen.

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