7 years

Last night just after midnight I’m lying in bed in my husband’s arms and he’s asking about the life I want for our family. We talk, talk. I get sleepy. I turn my back to him and move in close. He tells me “Happy Anniversary” I think, and kisses me. We wake up this morning with two large children sprawled in the bed, reminding me alarmingly of parasitical progeny pushing the host / parent out of the nest. Ralph makes coffee and lunch and heads off on his bike.

Tonight we’ll be at two separate kids’ events for a while: he watching Sophie play soccer and me at the Orientation for my son’s preschool. Family life! One thing about it I’ve learned, no matter how it looks from the outside, at least in my case each day is fiercely and gladly lived, not a day passing I’m not grateful for the time we have.

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