i will also look back in years hence, and likely be bored reading this

My small-town life is so busy and often so fulfilling I don’t take the time to write about it that I’d like to. For instance today: This morning I spent almost an hour on the phone with an educator (discussing Sophie’s school curriculum) while the kids first tussled on the bed (having woken up together all-smiles) then ate breakfast. Time to clean up, dress, make beds, and we were off to the Food Bank where I am training to help manage inventories in the event the Director takes a vacation (she will) or, what I’m really thinking, finally retires having shoehorned me into the job (which I admit would be very cool). Except the Food Bank wasn’t ready for us so: off to the Deli to get a tuna melt to bring my mom, who is suffering physically (hurt back) as well as a few other ways that aren’t mine to reveal. While there I sat and had my own lunch while my children played with the Shop Kid K., in the sunshine at an outdoor table. Mayberry, indeed – a life built perfectly for us, an eden.

Then: off to Aberdeen to pick up two pounds bulk pinenuts for my upcoming pesto-making adventure, stopping in to check out soccer gear for my girl, and buying the last bits of my anniversary package for my husband.

In a few minutes: off on the bike to help conduct Parent Orientation at our Co-op Preschool – and don’t think I’m not super-excited for it!

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