"like a bad Disney movie"

Here’s what’s funny about the internet. On one hand we say it’s this utopia where anyone can speak their mind and we can (supposedly) engage in discussion, and it’s great, and it brings so many minds together where otherwise they could not meet. But if a celebrity / actor / comedian / whats-it speaks their mind I’ve also seen many deride the “non-expert” who dares to air his views. It’s hard to stomach the sometimes lightening-fast information and opinion ping-pong ball on Youtube or whatever, but it doesn’t mean we can’t take a minute to digest the words of another human being. And keep in mind I say, “digest” – not assimilate, repeat mindlessly, or use in lieu of seeking out more information. Who do I talk to, live next to, work with, live with, love with? Non-experts. They’re experts only on themselves, their perspectives, their opinions – but they’re my neighbors and fellow citizens. Mr. Damon, although I’ll never meet him, is an American too – just like me.

I pretty much agree with every single thing said here, although the interview clip doesn’t get to key points I might press – one of which is how poor of a job McCain himself is likely to do even if he doesn’t pass the torch. I am mostly relieved to see others – journalists of all caliber, celebrities and non – starting to talk about how we really, really need to think about the fact Palin is in the ring at all – for the massive responsibility of leadership of our country.

I truly hope Mr. McCain has forfeited the Oval Office with this poor choice.

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