a muffled morning

When I find the time, I need to remind myself to feel guilty about how much rest I get. This morning I slept in until about 10:15; and it wasn’t one of those “hop out of bed” refreshed wake-ups. This was more like the slow-motion crawl, swimming to the surface, gee-I’ve-been-sleeping-for-a-long-time slow, sloooooow wake-ups.

My dreams just prior: intense. My family somehow withholding a letter from my father. My nicest aunt writing a mean email about me! My grandfather, my brother, both being, well, kind of dicks (they aren’t IRL, I swear). And always, permeating the nocturnal dreamscape: missing my father a lot.

Last night found me at a Ladies’ Night at the Deli. Good times. Amazing food, more bottles of wine than I’ve ever seen in one spot (I did not partake; I get high on life), those games where you make a fool out of yourself, and a silly movie. Cost: $10. Ridiculous(ly cheap)!

Thursday nights my mother has been taking the kids for an overnight, and Fridays I work at the Deli for a few hours. This for me is a nice little adventure; serving grownups instead of my own wee ones, great food, a paycheck now and then coupled with tip money I use for groceries, gifts, or occasionally saving up for something practical (Keen rain boots, check!). I don’t kid myself that this little reprieve is due entirely to the gift of my mother: quality, guilt free, wonderful care for our little ones. HQX has given us some decided advantages.

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