adding my 2 cents. no wait, actually just enjoying free coffee.

Today I had an odd but fun experience; being part of a meeting regarding the Scenic Byway for SR 109. It was an interesting meeting and a nice group of people. Sophie and I were the only non-professionals in attendance. She read a huge Batman biopic while I struggled to understand the machinations of city, state, and federal government groups and the consultants they hire. And while I was at it, started to get a vision of Emerson street with trees, and fixed sidewalks, and great signage, and, hopefully less terror (to the cyclist).

I went home scratching my head like a bumpkin and put my Google to use (note: stalkery!) to look up the consultant’s services, the function of the group spearheading the process, and the resultant W-I-P maps of the area. This eventually led to a foray into bicycle commuting tips and a 30+ page study regarding bicycle lanes vs. wide curb lanes (scroll to near bottom – fascinating, I say, through a big yawn, because it was a tedious-as-hell read).

I don’t much mention my engineering degree these days. By this I mean don’t mention my degree at all.

These days I am just a mom, who rides a bike with the kids, and hopes to stay safe while doing so.

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