it’s you, it’s me, it’s dancing!

Today, despite Ralph being sick and me being ditzy and scattered, we put some time in on one of our many volunteer efforts – a project we hadn’t contributed to in a while. I should say three of us put that time in; Ralph and the kids went (cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and sorting the dressing rooms and stair railings) while I stayed home and worked mercilessly on two sewing projects (lined coat patterns for my brother and daughter) and my NaNoWriMo. All three efforts, just so you know, had great intentions when I started but, I fear, are heading downhill steadily. I have just lost my groove lately – what can I say? There are prizes just for finishing, right? … Right?

While our children attended an evening birthday party Ralph and I got to spend some time cooking together and then tinkering with my old Singer sewing machines. We’ve had a bit of time alone lately and it sure is different; a good thing. Turns out we hate eachother less when we get time alone. Cute!

Oh, and I’m thinking that party tonight must have been pretty wild. Sophie came home and put her arms around me: “The party was great,” she says, her eyes looking a little unfocused. She hangs on me a while, then a few minutes later appears in my sewing room stripped down to panties and carrying the cat (he’s huge; draping against her at over half her body length) and asking me to cuddle. Ten minutes later and she’s asleep; no bath, no teeth-brushing, no nighttime reading.

She’s just – gone.

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