a really really white, really gay Christmas

I can’t stop laughing (internally) at this video. First, I kind of like this song. It’s an OK pop Christmas tune. The video though… the only thing I can think of more boring than skiing with a bunch of wealthy arseholes is watching footage of wealthy arseholes on a ski trip (who truth be told seem rather bored themselves). Similar to the mechanical bull scenes in Urban Cowboy*, this video seems half-composed of lift footage.

Secondly – has this chick not figured out that her “boyfriend” (or ex-boyfriend; I’m confused on that point) is giving off repetitive and consistent signals that cumulatively add up to: “I am completely gay”? Exhibits: the laugh at 0:40, the impromptu garland scarf in the 1:15s, the run at 3:00 in the tightest jeans Aspen has seen – the glowing pirate shirt at 3:11! And the hair – my god, the hair! I bow to its frosted, feathery goodness. Truly breathtaking.

There also seems to be some kind of odd significance to a cheesy looking broach that someone bought for someone else (2:38). I’m not sure how the broach figures into the plot but the repeated and significant camera shots of it make me question my own choice to purchase one for family member this Christmas. Is my gift saying something I don’t mean it to – something specific, perhaps, to 80’s heartbreak?

Look – no one loves George Michael more than me – no, wait, let me amend that statement as there are probably hordes of creepily obsessed fans. I really like George Michael. He’s beautiful, and so is his singing voice and songwriting. I can’t help thinking, though, that this video has to be a regret in his rather stellar career.

Merry Christmas, all!

* Stage whisper: Do not watch this movie! It is really bad!

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