i learned it from watching YOU!

IMing with my brother last night:

Kelly: I saw a kid today at the Y, a little boy who was naked.

Kelly: I went up to his mom later and said, “It’s none of my business. But I think it’s awesome that you didn’t circumcise your son.”

Kelly: We talked for just a minute about it

Kelly: Here it seems more boys are cut than intact

Kelly: However when I asked the high school boys to let me check they seemed reluctant and offended.

Kelly: I had to drive off in my van, really fast.

Dr. Science: with your sunglasses on

Dr. Science: and a fake beard

Kelly: hahaha

Kelly: My arm in a sling

Kelly: mud carefully splattered on my license plate number to obscure it

Dr. Science: mhm

Dr. Science: you’ve really thought it out.

I like how he goes with the joke, and then when I take it to the next logical level, he calls me out on it. CLASSIC BILLY.

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