Received from my mom in the mail:

Dear Kelly,

I am waiting for my first flight; I have wonderful gobs of relaxing time before boarding.  I am sitting in a truly joyful place: the Arrivals gate.  A baby meets her uniformed father; she warily receives his tearful caresses; mother changing a mantra…  “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy….”

Again I thank you for your forgivemenss.  I know and appreciate how hard you try.

I am sending you this card to again tell you how blessed your family is to have you; your children because you love them so much, and are so diligent in their raising, and your Ralph because you do the same for his children.

I am fortunate also.  So many times I think, “If only I would have thought of that.”

[ card inscription ]: Happy birthday Mothers’ Day, buckaroo.

I love you sweety, Mama

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