i thought about it, because i really want to practice that rendition of "Islands In the Stream"

My husband is currently enjoying the calls he’s receiving in regard to the craigslist ad put up re: our green Astro van, which we are now ready to move on elsewhere. Many calls with schemes or, can-we-just-give-you-only-this-much (1/2 the price listed) and will you drive it to where we are (hours away). One lady called offering some combination of cash and barter concerning another used car, a brand-new Janome embroidery machine, and a karaoke set (seriously though – this was kind of tempting!). Anecdotally the (many!) Latino callers we’ve had have been the most courteous and have not tried anything funny.

So far 1 1/2 clients have actually looked at the van, and no sale. We are supposed to unload it tomorrow in Olympia. Fingers crossed!

Tonight upon returning from a bike ride (delivering fresh pita to a friend who loves it) we throw the kids in the bath and listen to their very rowdy shenanigans. It’s that feeling where you kind of expect any minute a child will get soap in the eye and start screaming, or you anticipate more water on the floor than was even put into the bathtub in the first place. My husband has purchased clove cigarettes which in the evening are a proven vice for me. I shall smoke half and then feel worse than I should over such a tiny amount of vile tobacco. I’m getting old.

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