Pegasus/Unicorn Roller Skating Birthday Party

let’s not make it a habit

Oh my goodness – I bought a book! I did! I never do this! As in, if you come to my house you will see the smallest-ever little pile of books, because we are so incredibly selective about the ownership of said libros! I have literally never known of anyone who had fewer books!  (Pssst, there’s this secret thing called a library, they totally give you books – for free! and then you don’t have to own them and have them clutter up your house! It’s crazy!)

But purchase a volume I did, just yesterday – and it arrived today (speedy!).  The book: Sewing Clothes Kids Love: Sewing Patterns and Instructions for Boys’ and Girls’ Outfits (that is one decidedly non-catchy title, bro).

I bought the book for a two compelling reasons: 1. the styles, techniques, and layer-ability of the resultant garments are stellar matches for my children’s preferences and lifestyle (that is: active!), and 2. at $16 with free shipping, ten multi-sized patterns, and tons of directions for modifications and embellishments, the price and convenience of doorstop-delivery were “compelling… and rich”.  Today at lunch as the kids colored their coloring books and worked on math worksheets I flipped through the book and drooled – the Manhattan Special Occasion Dress!  The Avalon Jacket! – and reconsidered some of my upcoming sewing projects (my girl’s birthday, see below) to accommodate breaking into the pattern sheets.

In other news: we’re busy planning Sophie’s birthday festivities, which include a shared Unicorn / Pegasus skate party – Sophie (turning 8), and Michael, Ralph’s drummer (turning 22). If you don’t think this late-night roller skating party is going to be so incredibly awesome, well.  You’re wrong. And stuff.

Kids, late-night, roller skates, sugar-snacks, costume horns!
Kids, late-night, roller skates, sugar-snacks, costume horns!

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