lovely in kelly green

I totally made this today (the garment, not the child; the latter I am only fortunate enough to have incubated and birthed):

Tennis Court Beauty

Sewing this up was a wonderful, wonderful way to start my day: first, a quick morning trip (By myself! Listening to loud music! Grabbing a croissant and a [decaf] espresso!) for sewing supplies. I was forced into Walmart for the poison-green thread for my sewing machine and serger; there’s no other place within thirty or fifty miles to find it. Still, I got home right-quick and because the kids slept in (and when they got up, fed and dressed themselves) I was able to complete the garment.

Phoenix In The Glen

Lovely Neckline; Lovely Neck

It’s from a Japanese pattern book and originally had a button-placket in the front. But rather than sew nine tiny buttonholes (puke!) I elected to do a hand-pricked lapped side-zipper. ¬†Phoenix slides the tunic on and somehow that whole business reminded me of the early scene in The Virgin Spring, a linen lovely my daughter was so happy to wear.


Installing Zipper

Check out that tiny, TINY little yellow-green dot at the lower mid-right of the above photo. The prick-stitch is amazing because it is subtle and lovely but so very strong! Plus I get to say “prick”! A lot! I only wish it was called the cock-stitch.

You can view many details and construction notes at my Flickr tagset.

“It’s the pleats.”

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