this is my personal blog, so I can type a softly whispered… *fark youuuuu!*

Bluebird Guesthouse,

My family and I visit Portland many times a year as we have family who live in the Hawthorne district. In happily shopping for lodging for an upcoming summer visit, I was excited to see your business. I clicked over to “details” and read with dismay your “children under 4 years old are not allowed” policy.

My kids are 6 and 8 so meet your age minimum but I am not interested in supporting yet another ageist and un-family friendly business, a sadly all-too-common trope I see in mainstream American society these days.

Please don’t even bother writing back with a defense of your policy being about the “noise” of young children. I’ve heard it all before.*

On a reparative note, if you change your policy I would love an email so we could bring our business and our friends’ business to your B&B. Problematic policy aside, it looks lovely and is right where we want to stay regularly!


Kelly Hogaboom

Cc: Karen and Shelly of Patterns by Figgy’s, re: businesses to recommend to clients etc. for photo shoots.

Kelly Hogaboom
PO Box 205
etc. etc.

On another note! Anyone know a SE PDX hospitality edifice we can give our repeat business to?

* Chances I will in fact get an email with a pseudo-apology followed by quick blurb about the “noise” of young children? One hundred to YES. I don’t mean to sound like a jerk (hey, personal blog, remember?) but seriously, as a family advocate I have heard the same tiny and pinched arguments ad nauseam and I honestly, honestly feel like I need a break sometimes.

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