alimentary, my dear Watson

My more proficient stalkers know you can follow me on Twitter at kellyhogaboom or underbellie – the latter being a little more social-justice oriented, the former being Just Me, although obviously there is a bit of overlap. Today I started a new account and project – alimentaries. I’ve been thinking (or re-thinking) food lately – especially now that another summer is here, the kids are older (and bigger, and need lots of sustenance), and more kids than ever run in and out of my house. Family eating and food preparation is a subject that can be either fraught with anxieties and struggles or experienced with joy and creativity. I’m here to help families of all stripes move toward the latter – if they’re interested. This afternoon: sliced kiwi, carrot sticks, gluten-free homemade banana bread, peas from Helsing Junction CSA, fresh pineapple & local blueberries, uncured beef frank (submerged in just-boiled water for about 10 minutes then seared & cut), hardboiled eggs from our hens, horchata. Alimentaries 2010 07 24

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