best to give praise where praise is due

Me Without You – “The Fox, The Crow, and The Cookie”

This video is full of about 8 levels of Win, and like most things that nuanced and wonderful, my kids instantly loved it.

Also, my husband and brother call me Bird and have for about a dozen years. Did I ever tell you all why? Well it’s kind of a funny story, one best told in person. So these two men, my husband and brother, are always sending me little jokes and pictures of birds either being very fat or being taken advantage of or squawking or losing out, which is one of the reasons I think Ralph forwarded me this today.

Despite the familial teasing, though, I do love this video times One Million.

By the way, today my brother’s girlfriend met the Old Spice Man and even got to – well, just look at the pictures (FB account needed) – and I’m kind of dying from jealousy. (Life is sometimes unfair!)

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