friday fuck-around

If you’re working you should take a long lunch and read all this stuff instead.

Human relations:
Sex Talk: A comic about communication, consent, & getting’ it on (part one of three) (parts two and three are pretty good too!); It is simply horrible that consent models about sex are so rare. And “Can we roleplay abstinent vampires?” is just about Awesome. (the answer in my case: no thanks)

“Where are the children?” at Authentic Parenting; Westerners do rather poorly with kids; here’s a handful of reflections on why and how.

“Five Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Good Job!'” by Alfie Kohn; An article over ten years old but worth a (re-)read!

“Why we say ‘No'” from mamapoekie; People don’t believe you can be a parent – and sport safe, non-psychopathic children – without saying “no”, but I have a secret: you can.

“Disadvantages of an Elite Education” by By William Deresiewicz; You ever ask yourself (or others), “Who’s running this country anyway?” This two-year old article is an incredible read.

Female Character Flowchart for cinema from; (Read this before using it). Then: some critical reactions to the chart.

“Hi. My name is Kelly. I’m a recovering Good Parent. (part 1)” at underbellie; The recent bullycides have brought many authors, bloggers, pundits weighing in; lots of people, even social activists, have a very myopic and, sadly, bully-culture supportive stance.

Breast cancer: Enough with the goddamned pinkwashing already! Much “pink” runs counter to the carcinogenic products produced by the same companies; it’s also sexist, grody, and dehumanizing. “According to Cosmetics Database, Estee Lauder manufactures at least 120 products with moderate to high hazard ratings. But a little pink ribbon erotica makes that OK.” Here’s a few questions to ask yourself (and participating corporations) before you think you’re all awesome for buying pink.

In Australia: disgust for fat kids and their horrible fat-enabling parents! Methinks the “Break the Habit” ad campaign would, sadly, go over well in the US.

Possets, where I buy perfume in the winter months. SO. Much. AWESOMENESS! Sadly I am almost all out of Chagrin, my black licorice/absinthe scent; today’s picks: Specter, Wraith, and Sepulcri Solum.

My brother’s lady J. updates her adorable Etsy shop with some new items; I’m thinking the heart pendant may be just the thing for Halloween.

Random Awesomeness:
Curious about unschooling grownups and how they’re faring? Idzie just opened up a Skype-interview service! This is awesome news. She is an incredible human being.

“I Love My Hair”, Sesame Street via Afrobella

Halloween Instructables

“a stern look of disapproval”

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