Spooky Fog

Weather today turned surreal and beautiful in the evening after a warm and softly-sunny day. I love our climate most the year – except for boughts of weather-related mild depression during particularly rainy and dark episodes, most of which occur in February and March – and each season seems more thrilling than the last. For now: warmth with a perfect fall coolness plucking at the sleeves now and then; brilliantly-colored leaves, more lush greenery than can be expressed via photograph. The air itself is deep and rich and green.

Today we borrowed my mother’s van and on my return walk with Phoenix the fog rolled in, bringing a closeness and quietude. My daughter and I took a scenic route home on the train tracks.

Perfect Walking Weather


We ran across a deer on the way back just after crossing 5th Street (you can barely make out his form above at mid-right). He vanished into the woods as we got about fifteen feet away. Later on we looked back and he’d re-emerged, looking after us. I turned and walked toward him out of curiosity and saw he’d returned to his doe, who I’d passed on her left without seeing her.  He was a very handsome fellow and I regret I didn’t get a better photograph.


It was a perfect walk and wonderful company to share it with.

Ralph got home just as we arrived; he scrubbed the carrots we’d scrumped from my mom’s garden and put in the pot of slow-cooked meatballs I’d prepared ahead and cooked up some green beans and sliced up apples and pears. The children devoured dinner with much gusto, enough Ralph and I almost laughed out loud at their enthusiasm.

And now, a digestive and time to relax with cats and family members.

Update: Kit took lovely pictures of our walk the other day (post-dentist trip). You can see more in her Flickrstream.


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