Sunset on the Hoquiam River #1

I forgot to mention, it’s so beautiful here

Itsy Bitsy

Today’s trip back to the park yielded no key; this included lots of traipsing and my mother’s extra set of eyes searching. She brought her dog along and he enjoyed running about; it seems to me he’s been feeling better since he was x-rayed and diagnosed and given a daily dosage of pain medication.

Afterwards we met up with Ralph and did a little shopping at the Christian health food store then the five of us went out to dinner together. Even with my exercise and walks and sewing projects and snuggling and film it’s hard not to let depression sweep over me (this is because depression is not circumstantial but an internal struggle one can’t always bootstrap out of). A warm meal with family sometimes can make a great deal of difference.

Here in Hoquiam we are having that lovely cold weather with clear sky and crystalline air that’s like a drink of cold water. It’s hard to feel too bad when you’re outside.

Sunset on the Hoquiam River #2“Sunset on the Hoquiam River #2” by Mickey Thurman on Flickr

(Small Stone #23*)

It’s morning. My daughter says “Mom,” from the bed, then nothing else.
I climb under the covers and we put our arms around one another.
Her hair feels dry and smells delicious,
a fragrance I’ve known since the moment I first held her close.

Small stone project

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