late night

Today was a day spent busy and half of it with a girlfriend out on the town; a meal out, drugstore hairdye for J. (an easy pleasure!), then to my mother’s for a shared dinner. Her tenderness towards my children and their ease together is something I often observe but don’t take the measure of. Tonight I’m thinking how much a presence she is with them and will be all their lives. Their knowing her, and vice versa, is a tremendous gift. It’s easy to forget just how fortunate we are.

For now, I’m weary and only have a bit left to write. My day was full and tonight I was able to enjoy the uncomplicated pleasure of taking a very hot bath with some simple castile soap, a steaming washcloth for my face, afterward a rough cotton towel and clean clothes, a glass of cold cold water, slipping into a warm bed next to loved ones.

(Small Stone #2*)

Genial boundaries:
My attempt to save you from the embarrassment
Of wanting me

Small stone project

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