They see me rollin’

Tonight I’m doing a little packing as tomorrow I’m up to my friend Amore’s in Olympia for crafting and candy-making. I KNOW, right? I’m borrowing my mom’s van and planning on listening to the 80s XM station all the way up, possibly quite loudly. And drinking a criminally-caffeine-loaded coffee drink. And I’m pretty sure Amore will have something delicious on for lunch. Who knows, there may even be some sunshine outside.

This is the closest I get to a “vacation” or break lately, and it’s a bit brief. Still, I [gladly] take what I can get.

Lemon Meringue
(Small Stone #9*)

Richness of yolks and lush citrus
Trembles before your fork
At midnight.
Satisfied sighs & low lights

Small stone project

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