Is there an ichthyologist in the house?

Yes, I know ichthylology is the study of fish, not squid. I also know I’m sick, and I should have just let this project take a little longer, but last night I just had to push through and OWN this puppy. And I think you’ll agree it was time well-spent.

Yeah, that’s right! Super soft but watch out. Those tentacles will make a mangled mess of you. Yes, the hood is down. So it can WATCH you.

So, this project was a challenge. Making squid tentacles – to applique? To hand- or machine-quilt? Designing a hood that is sufficiently squiddy but also functions as a hood? (I think I nailed it). Bonus, I truly believe wee babies will enjoy grasping at their tentacles… maybe even mouthing them a bit if we get lucky.


I had fun quilting the whole business. The body is quilted in lazy waves; the squid itself striated lines. The whole bunting is underlined in a lightweight fusible fleece and lined in a midweight super-soft fleece.

Zipper in the back for easy baby installation!

From The Back!

Yes. It is rather squid-like, isn’t it?


EYES. My first time, ever, doing needle-turn applique. I have to say it’s rather addictive. I’m considering sewing a tiny little cloth crab affixed to a snap, so the squidlet can hold its lunch. What say you?

I know my fabric efforts are fledgling and can’t do the beauty and wonder of architeuthis. But as always, my Flickrstream has more construction details.

Needle-Turn Applique

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