grumblings of a mouthbreather

I hate being sick and to have to cancel on the roadtrip for Phoenix and I – something we both so looked forward to – is icing on the ass-pastry of despair. One thing’s for sure, though. Having children and a partner who spend the day asking after my health, bringing me drinks of water and whatever else I need, is the best of a bad scenario. This morning when I confessed to my daughter we wouldn’t do our drive and drive and drive she put her arms around me and whispered, “Aw… mama, it’s okay.” A few minutes later she put her face in the pillow and cried a few silent tears. I am not even kidding.

I’m biding my time and resting and watching a bunch of grisly (but mostly just deeply sad) murder television on Netflix. I am being patient but looking forward to being better. I can’t wait to take her with me.

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