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Friday links! Which I was late getting up, because I was running around on a sunny wild beach and then later, eating things flavored with truffle oil and sage in browned butter (jealous much?). But – here they are. As per usual, if you have lengthy comments please throw ’em up at the source articles, and let me know if you’d like a link back!

“When getting dressed is an issue” at Authentic Parenting. What’s “indecent” about naked kids? Do all countries / people feel the same way? Can we expect their desire for privacy, clothing and body expression, and modesty, is like any other behavior they will grow into on their own time? Or should we police them? How do we honor other people’s preferences in public?

“Blogging Against Disablism Day will be May 1st, 2011” at Diary of a Goldfish (also, reading “The language of disability”, from the same site, is quite instructive).

Toppenish teen fakes pregnancy as school project. Gaby Rodriguez? Is my (s)hero. The more I think about this story the more impressed I am with her (and the other three people privy to the experiment). Just: phenomenal. P.S. trigger warning on comments for racism/misogyny/ageism etc. etc.

“I Have This. I Don’t Know What To Do.” at Teacher Tom. This article makes me giggle for a few reasons. First, it must be said: it is downright progressive compared to many people’s concepts about teaching, learning, and education. I commend the piece for that. But it is still rather top-down and condescending, and, in a larger sense, it is sad (for everyone) when a grownup believes what they have to offer is teaching by “playing dumb”, rather than inhabiting a space of mindfulness and advocacy. It is nothing new to hear that children enjoy learning the way we humans are likely wired to learn – and regardless of whether we are or not, respond best to: that is, with freedom and according to our own intrinsic interests. And I laugh that the scientific establishment must publish sciencey white papers (and they often are very white. and male.) for such a system to get a nod from self-styled Powers That Be. Meanwhile those (especially ladies) that write about this and live their lives with children this way, are often painted as frowsy hippie space-cases.

Right-Sizing Women at The Global Sociology Blog; h/t friend and reader Jeanne for this one. Wow, has it really taken this long for the USian military to begin taking seriously that soldiers can come in different body configurations? And this, regarding civilian clothing: “Women are cramming themselves into inaccurate sizes, cut to fit only one type of body – and they’re feeling bad about it. It’s amazing that fashion retailers, who go as far as scenting the air in their stores, fail to cater to this most basic aspect of the clothing experience.”

Things I would like to say to some (privileged, whiny) people by Angry Black Woman. Good points.

School Gardens: Rejected for Ridiculous Reasons by Urban Organic Gardener. He writes great stuff!

In Anchors Away Rachel Maddow delivers a quick note regarding an interview in The Guardian. Spoken well and succinctly. If you’re gay, do you have a responsibility to come out? Is it OK to out other people? Are there circumstances in which we should?

“Secretary’s Day” and Social Control at Sociological Images. Here’s my comment.

In the End: 10 Things Not to Do in a Loved One’s Last Hours by Marguerite Manteau-Rao. This is an excellent list regarding hospice experience and palliative care. I am reminded of the intense privilege I had in nursing my father during his last days. I think like homebirth, death at home is powerfully nuanced and I am so grateful I got to experience it.

Finally, a little levity. We have about twelve things wrong with our house and our landlord doesn’t see fit to fix ’em. So this gave me a laugh:

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