I’d go to any country, anywhere, any snakes, not a problem

Today? Was big-ass snake day.

Phoenie Smiled All Day


Phoenix & The Albino Monocled Cobra

Baby Gator With My Baby

Cloudy Eye

Lurve My Anaconda Don't Want None

Goofing Off With The Anaconda

Black Mamba

Two Headed Red-Eared Slider

Osage Copperhead

Emerald Tree Boa

Even the finest photography (of I we cannot boast) is nothing compared to seeing these animals in the flesh. Truly incredible. I took about a zillion pictures (specifically, Phoenix took a picture of each and every animal, but I didn’t upload them all), and captioned with commentary.

Worth the cost (gas + admission etc. was about a week’s worth of groceries). Every penny. My daughter was delighted times one hundred. The employee there complimented her snake knowledge, dedication, and technique in handling the animals. It was a magical day, even with five hours ass-drive, hydroplaning on very wet freeways.

Your moment of Zen:

Thirsty Eastern Diamondback

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