A ghoul, and just to his lower left, my shirt echoes his hue and posture.

I found a trunk today (not the one pictured above) for $10, at the 101 Trading Post in Aberdeen. It had a cool old Yale lock in it (“Made In The USA”) that works and all, but the key seems rusted-in the lock, so is that really a lock? Anyway the trunk is home now and performing its function quite nicely. It is a cute shop and the guy is constantly taking calls and drop-ins trying to sell stuff for a quick buck.


Steel Reserve, smashed can, fruity-sick-delicious smell. Parking lot, Top Foods in Aberdeen.

Wishkah River

Yesterday: a little spot on the Wishkah River

Log Jam

kids crossing the log jam


Phoenix caught many frogs! Like her brother, she is swift, sure, and gentle when she catches critters.

Worm Track

Some kind of subcutaneous worm or insect makes the track under the bark (upper part of photo). I somehow accidentally took this picture, with my ass or something.


This fella was about three inches long. I tried to pick up one that was a little over an inch long, figuring he couldn’t pinch me. He didn’t, instead scrabbling up my hand like the world’s freakiest spider. With a demonstration of little dignity I abandoned the capture.

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