like a love song, baby


If you got to choose, which woman would you like to suddenly observe, standing twenty feet away in the fabric store, stroking her “moustache” and eyeing you pervily? I say either way You Win.

By the way the three “grownups” accompanying me and the children today, after our lunch, also used their hard-won cash to purchase… pop guns, rubberband guns, and whoopee cushions. Then they gave these items to my kids and it wasn’t just the children who made liberal use of all of them while I was trying to navigate my mom’s electronically-plagued minivan through dense-as-MILK highway fog and aggressive and/or drunk holiday drivers.

So basically, I had a great, fabulous, wonderful roadtrip today.

Oh, and I bought four yards of two wonderful yardages of fabric and two fly zippers for two pair of pants, and one treat item for each child, for a total of $17, due to my laughably large bundle of coupons.

Aberdeen, Phoenix Singing

In Aberdeen, after dropping friends off. We’re stopped for a short train. I wish I could capture the colors, how beautiful it is here on a winter’s night. And my daughter, how fabulous she is. She won’t sing when I point the camera at her, not that you could see it anyway. I like I caught a glimpse of her smile at least.

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