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7 1/2 Feet Long, 20 Inches Double-Thick

I was pretty casual the other day when I asked my brother’s lady J. if she still liked Harry Potter. I was hoping for “Yes” as I’d already embarked on the scarf back in the summer. I must admit I had a few people mock the largeness as I would work on this double-thick bewheemuth, but there was no turning back. I was only following a pattern afterall, and besides, watch the third movie (J.’s favorite at the time I hatched the idea to knit), and you’ll seeĀ they wear pretty big and inordinately jolly scarves. So I knit this while watching any movies and attending many meetings. Ralph made up the fringe, which was fabulous of him.

7 1/2 Feet Long, 20 Inches Double-Thick

I recorded details of the scarf on Ravelry. In case you have to make yourself one. Or you want to make me one (Slytherin colors, please). I have since moved onto some handwarmers – very small, will be finished soon…

Handwarmers For Q

(using the same pattern as these, a gift for a 5 year old child in my life – which were made from the tiniest scrap that Tammy gave me):


Mystery Yarn

I will not be posting the next handful of homemade items I’m putting together, at least not right away; I’ve been invited to participate in a spread for an upcoming publication. Variety of this and that, may I just say I’m peeing a little from excitement about it all.

Potteriffic! for J.

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