“But then, we had some growing up to do.”

The first thing my son did when he got up today, was make me a little picture of a kitty and a hot air ballon, and a heart that said, “I Love U!” inside, and then more little blue hearts, the whole illustration cut out on a piece of origami paper. It’s resting next to me as I type.

While I ran to a commitment at noon, the kids took care of Hutch and the cats, washed the dishes, cleaned up and got dressed, and packed what they needed for our river trip with friends. On the way to our meetup stop we were tailgated by a very impatient car. The kids twisted around to look. Then:

“Car pervert?” Phoenix asks me in the most gentle, inquisitive voice.

The river today. It was beautiful (tiny tiny kids, at right).

Quinault River

My dog ran about on his first-ever river date with me, splashing in the water and having a wonderful time. When I got lost in the bushes and almost lost a pint of blood on some Satan’s-Anus Thornbush Fuckery* he came after me to find me. He is a hero. Here he’s scouting ahead.

Lone Wolf

We caught tadpoles. Phoenix expressed her ambivalence about removing them from their natural home. Just now she asked me if we could drive the hour and put them back.


* No, it wasn’t Devil’s Club. It was far worse.

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