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Today is my husband’s thirty-fifth birthday. It’s kinda cool because it also represents a tipping point in years – Ralph and I have known one another longer than we’ve NOT known one another. We were attracted to one another when we first met – in church! – at age seventeen. I’m not going to lie, a few shenanigans resulted, mainly because I was kinda slutty. But then I left him alone and we remained friends for a few years while┬áI went ahead and dated a handful of other people, okay maybe more than a handful (02:01). We were back together at age twenty-one and had our first child at age twenty-five. A decade after becoming parents together and I can tell you he’s probably the best investment I’ve made, although he likely doesn’t fully realize this.

Rock Star. In Dockers.

This Is Bullsh*t

Ralph Watches The Competition

If you read here or know me and my family at all, you know Ralph is: considerate, sweet, funny, intelligent, and talented. He is an ethical, hard-working, and interesting human being. He is handsome and energetic. He has tremendous reserves of sincerity and humor.

If you read here or know me and my family at all, you know he’s a playful and devoted husband and a wonderfully fierce father. He’s a loving friend and he’s well-loved. Everyone’s day is a little better for having him in it, and I wish more people told him so.

I hope if you see him, you tell him Happy Birthday. You can email him too (ralph AT hogaboom DOT org) and celebrate his special day a bit.

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