little snagglepaw with her sad whiskers

Two days ago I began to worry for the health of our little kitty Hammy; yesterday I was down for the count for several hours with severe kidney pain. Today as I recovered, my daughter’s earache got bad enough she began sobbing from pain. Missing a car – it is in the shop for an unexpected repair – I was fortunate enough to get my mom’s van to take Phee up to the ER.

It’s been a rough couple of days.

I am in a place that instead of being anxious we are racking up an ER bill I can be grateful we have access to medical care. I am glad I know my kidney pain is not a serious health condition, it is merely severe pain. I am appreciative of friends who’ve sent loving emails, tweets, and texts about my kitty, and for a friend who offered to let us use her vet credit balance so we could take Hammy in. Little Hamilton seems to be getting better as we bought some high-protein high-calorie food and have been carefully feeding her small doses every couple hours (she won’t eat her regular dry grain-free food).

Phoenix is on medication and feeling better.

Despite my experience of gratitude and support, I am a little down. I thought I’d be honest about that here and in other public spaces.

Thank you, again, to the friends who’ve been so loving and supportive.

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