practice and more practice

I’m talking to a small group of people and it feels good to be with friends. But I’m tired. My fingers are speckled with green food dye which catches my eye when I gesture. I stir and sip a cup of coffee. Way too strong, amended with chemical powdered creamer and plenty of white sugar.

Tonight I’d made the kids a tricksy Halloween-themed dinner: “Ghosts in the Forest”. A spectral rice ball, chicken drumstick and cherry tomatoes – just like I saw on the internetz last night – on a bed of roasted bright-green asparagus and with a side of Ralph’s amazing grilled zucchini. And: a mint milkshake colored green. I know. A peppermint milkshake, ugh. But it’s what the kidlets wanted.

I’d used too much peppermint extract and too much food dye, turning the ice cream drink into something akin to Nilbog food. But our children were very pleased. They love so much little goofy and special meals. Like I remember a few years back I made them the final meal in the book Bread and Jam For Frances – “cream of tomato soup, a lobster salad sandwich, celery, carrot sticks, black olives, two plums, a tiny basket of cherries, and vanilla pudding with chocolate sprinkles”. I totally fucked up cooking the lobster tail and all but it was fun. That was quite a few years ago. I guess I just like doing that sort of thing.

A friend told me recently I’m making great memories for my children. I know that’s true. I also get to make great memories for myself. It feels like a wealth of time I’m allotted to do so.


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