“What can I offer you? Sheep eyes? Dates? Vodka martini?”

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

It’s anywhere but down after the last two Bond films. Tonight we watch he tenth in the franchise, which debuted the year of my birth: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

There’s actually a fair bit to like: we’ve a great opening theme song, superior production and art design than the previous coupla films, the debut of Richard Kiel’s “Jaws” (campy but… still), an underwater car (a Lotus Esprit!), a great – and competent – Bond “girl” as played by Barbara Bach, and a pretty peachy-keen villain lair (I personally think Kim Possible’s Señor Senior Senior and his lair(s), are fashioned after TSWLM‘s Stromberg).

You can join @VFD_crow & I in our commentary at #BondBFFs on awesometi.me; better yet, get your copy of TSWLM*, pause the film immediately after the MGM lion fades, and press play again at exactly 6 PM PST according to this site’s clock.

* (My advice? Buy a legal version, and download/torrent it to put the file on the computer through VLC or some such, so streaming internet doesn’t make viewing stutter.)

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