friday links / contemplation

An anecdote involving Sir Patrick Stewart, including some of his work around domestic violence and PTSD – as well as a lovely personal touch.

At the beginning of this month, I happened upon the story of Carmen Blandin Tarleton and her recent face transplant – and have now subscribed to her blog. She has a great deal of wisdom and healing to offer the world. I’ve also enjoyed reading a partial transcript describing the first time she met with the donor’s daughter.

“Forgiving People Who Show No Remorse – Have You Suffered Enough?” at tinybuddha.

This piece was wonderful. I alternatively felt sad and felt hopeful as I read some of the comments. It would seem even after such a well-articulated piece, some people still view forgiveness as something they can accomplish and wield as a weapon – as a way to control the actions or experiences of others.

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