You Had One Job

“I’m not kidding – it was like SEVENTY-FOUR degrees in there!”

In the car and Ralph’s telling me how he came into work Monday morning to a big computer system drama. First thing in the morning: BOOM. His boss is there early – working hard and frustrated. His inbox is full of automated messages from server logs. Something’s up.

“You know,” he tells me. “I know this is a big deal, and that this represents downtime for the company. I take it seriously. But it’s like, I’m going to brew a pot of coffee first.” He pauses with satisfaction. “Because that’s what I do.”

I tell him,

“I don’t want to look over at you because you’re going to have the big earlobes and the nosehair of an old man, and you’re going to be an old man when I look, and then you’ll start complaining about the thermostat.”

He gets quiet and then:

“You know today I did send an email about the temperature in my office.”


A photo and caption by our daughter:

You Had One Job

“You had one job, printing that,” she says.

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