I want to – once again – thank those who’ve written, called, emailed, or texted during recent developments. I also wanted to post an update for those who have been thinking of us.

At this time, it appears one of our children was assaulted three times over a period of about a year. We are currently in the process of investigation, advocacy, and counseling (the latter two for all four members of the family). I want to let our friends and family know that at this time our kiddos are safe and we are doing our best to look after them – and ourselves. We are proceeding with “normal” life as best we can. I personally – while finally succumbing to a cold, my first in many months – am doing better than I was a week ago.

I will share details as is appropriate, if and when they are appropriate, with the people and in the way we best discern to be appropriate.

I know other families have gone through this, and I am hoping to be a source of support in the future those who, regrettably, may find themselves similarly affected. For now, my family is in the “needs-support” column a skosh more than the “giving-support” one.

I want to talk a bit about support, as I have done in the past.

Our resources for food, transportation, counseling services, and just – general life – are a little low at this time. I am also saddened that due to illness (mine), stress (ours), and new responsibilities (ours) I am unsure if I will be able to participate in the Fiber Arts Festival I so looked forward to this last half-year. In fact, last night after the fourth attempt to fall asleep I realized Hey, I might have to let that one go.

At this point, I just don’t know. Not about next weekend’s festival, not about this next week’s schedule – not even really much about tomorrow. I am already moving a bit towards a place of acceptance, although I have to admit, I am feeling aggrieved – and at times, now and then, even angry.

I have for a few years tried to provide opportunities through this blog, for our family’s support. To that end, today I created a wishlist for our family (featuring exciting items like dried beans, rain gear for biking, and dish soap!) and of course, Paypal donations from this site go either in our proverbial gas tank (the belly), or actual automotive ones.

I have long-maintained that we as a family have been wonderfully supported by family and friends near and far. Your comments, texts, emails, tweets, and IMs always help. Always. They help me keep that thread of connection, they help dispel the mental cobwebs that sometimes cloud my vision and make me feel isolated and afraid. I need to be strong on the days I can be strong, and I need to face what I need to face. I also need to have a soft little fall-apart at times as well.

May you too have the same experiences if and when shit goes wrong in your life.

I am grateful to have the community I have. Although things can feel a little dark for me at this time, I know that This Too Shall Pass. I am attempting to get through what I need to, and do my part for my family and friends, with a little dignity, a little serenity.

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