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Today I was very pleased to see this in my inbox:


The minion costumes [ these ] were absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much!! The costumes and treat bags were adorable, authentic and comfortable — my kids loved them! So many complements from our friends and neighbors. Quality, professional work and you were a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank you enough!!!!


So it has been a pleasure thinking of a few children around the States (and Canada) who had a lovely Halloween – perhaps in part, thanks to my sewing skillz.

In another announcement:

Inside Of Shirt, Clean-Finish

I am going to host a sew-along here on my blog, for a flannel shirt (not the one shown here, but rather in a winter colorscheme). My thoughts are if you’re wanting to make someone a flannel shirt for the holidays? I will be here for you one hundred percent and we can DO THIS THING.

For those who want to get a head start – I will be using Jalie 2111 and you should purchase it – twenty two sizes in one envelope, so after you learn how to make this shirt you can make it for anyone you know! (No I am not an Affiliate or any such thing and receive no compensation for naming a particular pattern etc).

I am going to post a full supply list in a few days. I hope to have a few of you join me!

Back Of Flannel, Bias Yoke

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