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Zombie Puss

Re: sewing? Currently I’m in a slump. The last thing I sewed went tits-up. The three projects before that weren’t super inspiring either. But before all THOSE I put together a few good pieces. So as of today, listed on Etsy, everything on a super-sale and/or free shipping:

Zombie Puss

Zombie Puss (thanks to the lovely Julie for modeling!). I kind of adore this piece (designed by my daughter), but not for the reasons you might think – the exposed brain, the little white paws, the tattered and “bloody” right ear, X-eyes, et cetera.┬áNope. I like the paw undersides – the perfectly applied felt-and-fleece applique.

For Frith's Sake!

For Frith’s Sake! The appeal of this hat is the super, amazingly-soft faux rabbit AND the giant claws which are inexplicably sewn from an off-white wool imbued with SPARKLES. Bright Eyes!

Hot Fuzz!

Hot Fuzz! (kind of my favorite… so very soft). Not to mention the cool lavender-and-dead-blue colorway on the paw pockets. You know, this faux fur is really and truly amazing and the best-feeling fur I’ve groped in a while. I have a lot left and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Probably trim an aviator coat, or maybe make a bunny costume… if I can find someone who wants to dress as a bunny, that is!


Wolfstalker! (I originally made this for myself; however, it is just a wee bit too small for my larger-sized head). I had a cinematic inspiration for this hat, and I’ll leave you to guess what it was (hint: a fairly recent film). The faux fur in this hat is called “African” something-or-other and again, has a wonderful texture. Actually at this point, let’s just figure I’m not going to sew with faux fur that is cheap and assy-feeling ever, okay? No one has time for that.

So. Hats. I’m hoping some sell. I like grocery money!

And now, speaking of making – I don’t know how many of my readers caught Bex’s dumpling recipe comment, but I can assure you, we made these dumplings and they are delicious (I commented on her original post, re: our methodology)! If you make them, be sure to post your results here, or on Bex’s post!

Keep warm & keep loving one another!

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