awwwww yeah, sew-a-long part deaux!


Are you all ready for another great sew-a-long? This time we’re making pants. Fabulous, stylish, super-fly PANTS!

I received wonderful series of compliments for my last sew-a-long – a very meticulously constructed plaid flannel shirt. One “student” said she literally never looked at her pattern directions as my written instructions and photographs (there were about 250 of the latter) showed her everything she needed to know. w00t!

This go around, things are a little easier. And if you like, a lot livelier!

A New Sew-A-Long - Gimme Some Slack!

Tomorrow I will be posting the supply list for this endeavor. Our first day sewing will be June 1st 2014.

In the meantime, you can help other people find this sew-a-long in a timely fashion, by posting the badge to your own blog, or sharing via Tumblr/Twitter, Facebook (you can “Like” my page for updates), et cetera. The more people who participate, the better this sew-a-long will be, as I will be making corrections and additions as per feedback. Seamsters in the future will stumble on these posts and be glad for them!

You can also subscribe by RSS to either my sew-a-long feed (in which case you will see all future sew-a-longs when I post them) or just the feed for the Gimme Some Slacks sew-a-long! If you’d like another subscription option, email me and let me know. kelly AT hogaboom DOT org.

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