gimme some slack! post one: supplies and timeline


Today: the supply list, so you can get started acquiring what we need! We will be constructing these slacks through the month of June. I’ll describe the different items we need below, after the break.

Gimme Some Slack! Supplies

From left to right: paper (to trace the pattern), the Banyan pattern (see comments below for pants/shorts-only pattern) (size 18 months to 8/9 years, slim fit), fabric (I chose an oyster-color 100% linen), a metal-toothed zipper at least 7″ long (longer is better), matching thread (cotton-wrapped poly is nice), 1/8 yard fusible interfacing (I am using Pro-Weft Supreme Light from Fashion Sewing Supply), 1/4 yard interest fabric for cuff and pocket lining detail, needles in the correct size (I prefer Sharp/Microtex over Universal), and 12″ of 1″ elastic.

You will also need the items you always need to sew: scissors, measuring tape, pen and pencil, a ruler, a sewing machine, and a steam iron and ironing board. You will need a sewing machine with a zipper foot and buttonhole capability (or, to know how to make a manual buttonhole). Bonus – and used in this sew-a-long: rotary cutting equipment, beeswax, a bone folder, a sleeve board, wax-paper and wheel tracing supplies and acumen, and a flexible tape measure.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about supplies, in the comments of this post.

And much like my previous sew-a-long, I will not be following the pattern instructions but rather my own methods.

A few words about what size to sew, and how to adjust for a recipient. in a word: pick a size, and don’t worry about adjustments yet (the pants themselves have a cool adjustable back waistband anyway). Here is my logic: you are going to learn how to make a great pair of slacks with some meticulous detail. If you don’t have an intended recipient, select the smallest size in the pattern. You will have a nice little gift for some toddler, and you’ll learn a lot about making slacks in general. It’s better to make a good sample garment than mess around too much with fitting an individual, unless you know what you’re doing.

We’d like everyone ready to sew on June 1st. Here’s how you can help.

You can help other people find this sew-a-long in a timely fashion, by posting the badge to your own blog, or sharing via Tumblr/Twitter, Facebook (you can “Like” my page for updates), or any online sewing community you belong to, et cetera. The more people who participate, the better this sew-a-long will be, as I will be making corrections and additions as per feedback. Seamsters in the future will stumble on these posts and be glad for them!

You can also subscribe by RSS to either my sew-a-long feed (in which case you will see all future sew-a-longs when I post them) or just the feed for the Gimme Some Slacks sew-a-long! If you’d like another subscription option, email me and let me know. kelly AT hogaboom DOT org.

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