home again, home again, jiggity-jig


I am home after vacation – six days. I drove into town and attended two back-to-back volunteer bits. Getting back to my house, I made a few phone calls to friends, and now I’m about to take a hot shower and fall into a bed with 100% freshly-washed bedding and a wonderful husband and perhaps a child or two.

I had a pleasant vacation, and I think my family did (I know Hutch did!). We have readers here and online elsewhere, to thank. People sent about half the expense. We will have some slim pockets from now until payday, but with mindfulness, gratitude, and trust, we will stay fed and cared for.

Tomorrow I must find a way to get my (non-running) car to the shop. Ralph’s car is also on its last legs. I was laughing with a friend about how I “always” seem to have car problems. “But at least they’re paid for!” I cackle.

Thank Goodness we are on the summer off-season: no need to get kids to a bus stop, and Ralph can bike ride to work.

I had many wonderful experiences and a little bit of awareness, meditating on vacation. When I’m rested, I will share more.

May any reading here, and those who do not, find happiness, safety, peace, and health.

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