Dear Readers, the time has come when we will attempt another trip to our family’s lake cabin. And: we need help to have this family vacation.

2014 Hogaboom Lake Vacation

Last year we ran out of funds and had to scurry back to Grays Harbor – back to dried beans and the relative ease of home. This year, I’d like things to be different if possible.

We are hoping to take a six-day vacation at our ancestral family cabin (c. 1937 a little west of Olympia). We don’t need a great deal of funds, but we do need enough to pay a cat/housesitter a small stipend, use the town’s laundromat, to get the groceries we need, to take a trip into town and maybe buy the kids some comic books, and put together a few extras for Ralph’s birthday celebration. Having had a car break down, kidney disease expenses, counseling for my child – and for the rest of our family, as well as the washer and dryer in the past few weeks has left us without vacation funds.

Donations can be mailed (P.O. Box 205 / Hoquiam WA 98550), or sent through Paypal:

Questions asked:

Q. Is it weird to send you money if I don’t know you?

A. Absolutely not. Most of my supporters – those who support us financially, or with gifts, or their comments and emails – have been people I have not met in person. It keeps me very tenderhearted to know we’ve received these gifts from many families scattered all over this globe!

Q. Is it weird if I give you money, when we’re friends and I *know* you? It feels weird.

A. It’s only weird if you think it’s weird to eat groceries.

Q. I only have $5 to spare and that seems insulting.

A. It’s not. Thank you for anything you’d like to send! Trust me, we four do our best to pay it forward.


Nels, Lake
Out On The Lake
Brother & Sister

Thank you, as always, for your many kinds of support.


2014 Hogaboom Lake Vacation

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