maxi dress sew-along: cutting and marking

Welcome back to our sew-along! Today we will be cutting our fabrics and marking them. It’s a lot of work, and some people dislike cutting. I, however, enjoy it quite a bit! It is a good time to familiarize myself with the pattern I’m about to create.

First, we need to prepare our pattern a bit more. For instance: I am installing a zipper in the back, and although 3/8″ is perfectly adequate for a zipper installation and, in fact, would mean the seam allowances would be entirely hidden by the zipper tape, I am going to advocate for a larger seam allowance to show off our flat-lining technique. This means we will be cutting the fashion fabric with a 1″ seam allowance at the back seam only; we will cut our lining pieces somewhat larger still in order to flat-line. I am going to be adorable and actually show you how to draft for the flat-lined pieces here, too!

So first: the bodice pieces, fashion fabric:

Now: the bodice pieces, for the underlining:

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