Hot Patterns Plaid & Simple Woven T-Shirt Dress Badge

hot patterns plain & simple woven t dress sew-along: supplies

Hot Patterns Plaid & Simple Woven T-Shirt Dress Badge

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Hello stitchers!

We are just wrapping up our lovely Holiday Robe Sew-Along from November – and it’s time to assemble our supplies for our December sew-along!

Hot Patterns Plaid & Simple Woven T-Shirt Dress
I know it might seem counter-intuitive to keep sew-alongs going during the holidays. And I know many, many people will be so busy this isn’t the right time to start sewing something new.


I am continuing my sew-alongs during November, December, and January for two reasons: one, these sew-alongs will be here for others over the years. And two: it is my hope that each person reading here is taking some time for themselves. Whether that means sewing yourself a lovely little holiday dress – or having a tasty Netflix binge on the couch with mimosas and popcorn – please make sure to Treat Yo Self!

Treat Yo Self!


Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Woven T-Shirt Dress Sew-Along: Supplies

So, this dress is very simple. For a closure, we have a simple split back placket, button, and loop. This is the ideal time to use a vintage or special button!

I have elected to fully-line the dress – so I need the same lining requirements as fabric requirements. I have also elected to interface the front neckline (about 1 1/2″ from raw edge) and the back yoke pieces.

I used a Kaufman Essex silver linen for the shell, and lined in a silver slipper satin. For interfacing, I used the Pro-Sheer Elegance Medium Fusible Interfacing, in ivory, from Fashion Sewing Supply. This is one of my favorite interfacings as it works well for most knit and woven applications, and in the fabric weights and garment styles I’m often working with.

Now, a word about lining. My readers know that I adore the slipper satins – they hold up well, feel wonderful, and come in a wide color range. However – they are not lightweight. I would classify them as medium-to-heavy. For winter jackets they are great for rugged linings – but this is about as heavy a lining as you’d want to risk with my linen shell.

We’ll see you on the 1st!

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